Holiday Cards 2013

One of the unique hand-drawn holiday cards
One of the unique hand-drawn holiday cards

This year I wanted to get away from the classic iconography of Christmas. I have been influenced by my new job at a technical bookstore, lots of math and science inklings floating around inside my head. Fragments of knowledge starting to rise to the surface as I revisit cravings of a technical mind, though there is still some nonsense to be had. This is what comes out. A motif arises, a friend refers to it as little target logos or alien eyes.

I created 50 cards (out of which I consider 49 to be usable) from the Strathmore Creative Cards, Fluorescent White with Deckle, 5″ x 6-7/8″, 50-Pack using Pigma® Micron® 05 Burgundy, Hunter Green and Black. I essentially doodled on them, wanting to have each card be different yet part of a series. It was interesting to repeat things that I liked about the design as I progressed, drawing one card at a time, mimicking some kind of weird evolution pattern.


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