You are a Graphic Designer: Playtesting

Photo1 (10)The log reads:


make different winner pages
so the back button works.

Go Back to the USA. heeds new pics.

Your family is loving. page

back button on winner
doesn’t work.

next time make the text boxes

BROKE Afer fwe link hits.

Wow. That was kind of like poetry about life or something. Anyways, I’m working on the “web-app-game” prototype YGDS or You’re a Graphic Design Student. It’s a little broken, but still fun to play if you just can’t wait. I’m planning on fixing it a little and need more playtesting subjects. (As you can tell, I can’t even decide whether it should be “You’re a Graphic Design Student” or “You’re a Graphic Designer.”) Follow the instructions and email me the results of your play testing if you want. Crowdsourcing, hey?

1. You Are A Graphic Designer. (For proper viewing, with your iPhone— or other phone, tablet, mobile whatever?–, view the site, then click the  button and “Add to Home Screen”.

2. Use the interface to the best of your ability and read the text and make some choices.

3. When satisfied with your engagement, email katarinacountiss @ gmail. com with this information:

What you liked about it?

What you didn’t like about it?

What are five of your interests?

4. I’ll post the results, anonymized for your convenience, make a new prototype and show you how I grew from your suggestions.

Thank you.


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