M Theory Animation

M Theory Part 1 – YouTube. I saw this and I really liked the abstract content, but I thought the visuals could use a little update. Perhaps some kinetic typography. I’ve been dazzled by some well done typography videos recently, so I’m itching to be good at it. So, I tried it out. I started by picking out a color scheme by looking through my pinterest board of colors I’m interested in exploring together.


I started at the beginning and tried to use shapes (with moving masks) to illustrate the spacey music. I think for the upcoming parts and second draft, I’m going to sketch out the typography and look for more appropriate fonts. I feel like my current font choices aren’t sophisticated enough (or coordinated enough) to handle something that requires a high level of understanding to explain with typography. Here’s the beginning of it. I could definitely align the timing a bit more, but I appreciate how the shapes help enliven the reception of the music. I have no deadline, and I’m thinking about putting this off. Letting the idea marinate and perhaps my return to the project will be a bit more inspired.

M Theory Kinetic Type Video from Katarina Countiss on Vimeo.


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