IKF Kitsap: Web Design Phase 1

Assignment: Re-design International Karate Federation of Kitsap


Phase 1 of Web Design

1. structure information with user-centered considerations (Site Map) *Research the competitors (Links) and content (html)


International Karate Federation – Honolulu, Hawaii. The main organization is located in Hawaii.

Karate for Women in Seattle – Feminist Karate Union  Seattle Branch


2. communicate style and function Branding (style Tile) Version 1, very basic.

3.wire-framing explore more efficient layouts (Don’t forget Advertisements if necessary!)


4. understand mobile strategy and other media requirements. The client is very tech savvy and I want her to be able to show people her classes on her ipad, phone and desktop. As well as parents driving need easy to find information about the location.

3 layouts responsive

5. Users: audience, demographic. Who is this for? How should that influence the website? I want it to look clean and efficient (think discipline), but also fun. The main demographic of attendees are 5-10 years old.

After one day working on the project, the first iteration. I’m thinking this needs a lot of type and layout work yet. I also want to include the client’s social media icons and color correct some images. And then work on the enrollment special ads. I feel like I rely on this one framework too much and I’m not flexing its capabilities. I will think on this more tomorrow.



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