My First Day of Learning Java

1) Figure out who are you? Types of programmers- The 5 types of programmers « Steven Benner’s Blog. Are you a person who fixes things? Or makes things? What is exciting to you about programming?

2) What do you want to make? Prototyping- wireframe and visualize what you want to happen in the program

3) How do you want to make it? Pseudocode- write out longhand what you want to happen

4) With what tools? Languages- consider the right tool for the right job. Compiled vs script.

Oooh… I love small footprints…

▶ Introduction to Programming – Basics – YouTube.

Programming is logical thinking.

Getting Started: Download the Environment

Java SE Downloads. Java Development Kit

Android SDK | Android Developers I asked what is this? and my buddy said, a glorified word processor that’s specifically made for programming, with some libraries of other people’s code to reference.

At this downloading site, there are two options, 32-bit and 64-bit and it refers to the operating system you have. If you’re wondering as I was, go to your computers control panel > system and security > system  to get this. (Yes, I named my computer Lemon.) It’s a huge zip, so downloading it might take a while.


Creating an Android Project | Android Developers.

My buddy said “activity_main” is important like “index.html” is important. It’s the first thing the program does.

Advice: Press “run” on the file .java. In Eclipse, press Ctrl + Shift + O to import missing classes (Cmd + Shift + O on Mac). Do not be intimidated by View view and Intent intent. Someone in the “default” department thought it would be illuminating to keep the name of the item and the type of the item the same to illustrate the part of speech. (Capitalization makes a difference. Classes are always capitalized.) Always remember “startActivity(intent);” I learned that the slow way.

I’m excited and nervous about this endeavor. I like how I am slowly getting this and there are a few correlating terms between Java and HTML5. I would recommend this to designers after and only after learning HTML and being fairly comfortable with. Java throws around “id” and “class” in similar but different and confusing ways. And don’t get me started on “static.” (For a sample, here‘s a thing I had to look up.)

Building a Simple User Interface | Android Developers. Eclipse is like the Dreamweaver for Android Apps. Today I made my first app. It was like using a cookbook where I just added strings together into a main activitiy and then sprinkled some intent and hit the start_activity and my method is completed! I am excited to learn more tomorrow.


This is what working in Eclipse looks like.

Unrelated but useful Link:

Keep Your Computer From Destroying Your Eyesight | Gadget Lab |


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