Elantra Ad

countiss-elantra-ad-160x600countiss-elantra-ad-160x600 countiss-elantra-ad-300x25 countiss-elantra-ad-728x90 Cobalt-Ad - Dropbox

A few weeks ago, I had a recruiter contact me about a graphic design position asking for a “test project.” I don’t really support these kinds of practices because they see “test project,” I see “free work,” but I suppose you have to test drive a car before buying it. So they sent me a sample html email psd and these instructions:

Part I: Go to Hyundai.com. Chose any vehicle from the vehicle pages and design a 600 pixel wide email highlighting (a) 1 or more features/benefits (b) pricing- lets pretend there is a current limited-time offer of 0% APR for 36 months through the end of February 2013. You’ll need to use website for imagery/assets. Remember, it’s just an email and not a website or newsletter. Brevity is okay. Use your creativity- sky’s the limit! Part II: Leverage your email creative to design 3 static .jpeg banner ads (160×600, 300×25, 728×90)”

Here’s my design, adjusting to the specified layouts in a three hour turn around, from getting the assignment to delivering it through dropbox, using my limited fonts. I think I’ve used Agency for five big projects in my portfolio. :/

(I’m blogging about this weeks after creating these ads. I did not hear back from them.)



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