Curry Temple Style


I was at an interview this week (for a graphic design job) where they asked for more print exemplifying my layout skills, to which I only had a brand manual to point them to. Two weeks ago I was walking along and saw this Episcopalian church that said “Curry Temple…” and I thought, what a cool name for a restaurant. So begins a branding/print collateral design project that I am really excited about. Items to include: menu, logo, brand manual, business cards, stranger (Seattle alternative weekly) ads? and if I get farther with that, a website with an online menu. I haven’t done that before and I certainly look at a lot of online menus. :D

So far I have some color palette ideas as well as mood. Slogans are fun. I am surprised I didn’t make up more while I was in school. I’m favoring “Taste Ancient Wisdom.”



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