Places I want to work at

Research the types of places you’d like to work for (design agencies, private companies, tech organizations, etc.), then come up with a list of ~15-20 places in town you’d like to work for, then check out their careers section of their websites, and then apply there anyways even if you don’t see something you’re qualified for. –Paul Nissen

Places I want to work at

A list (in no order of preference) by Katarina Countiss, recent graphic design school grad.

PopCap Games
Big Fish
Digital Kitchen
Urban Influence
Intentional Futures
Wexley School for Girls
Hornall Anderson
Square Tomato
Wong Doody Crandall Wiener
Copacino and Fujukado
Rational Interaction
Belle & Wissell, Co..

and I love Tether for the reason that after applying for a job their automatic responder said:

In the meantime — we know the waiting’s hard — how about revisiting Salinger’s Nine Stories or maybe The Godfather, Part II. Good stories those. Thanks!


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