Science Infographic- Parts of a Cell, phase 1

20130628-112314.jpgYesterday, I went to Creative Circle, a staffing agency– because I need a job (I’m a recent graphic design school grad, hire me!)– where I met a nice representative. I explained to her my projects in my portfolio and filled out some paper work describing what kind of jobs I would like to get my name dropped in the hat for. Near the end of our meeting, she recommended that an infographic would strengthen my portfolio. So, this morning I itemized what an infographic entails. I’m titling the potential series “Gimme some science, now.”


sciencemoodboard2sciencemoodstyletileFor this project, I’m choosing to do an AfterEffects video, hopefully to appeal to employers looking for Motion Graphics talent. I chose a color palate of secondaries with a potential accent of yellow and grey. I copied most of the copy from another place, chosen for its excellent information, hierarchy in typography and diagrams (score!). I also changed the title from “Gimme some science” to “Here’s some basic science” to help inform viewers that this video is not going in-depth into the chosen topic.



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