Triangle Fever

20130620-181900.jpgI’ve been thinking how it’s kind of been year of the triangle for a lot of us in graphic design school. I know I fell victim once or twice. I felt like the Promotional video that the video editing team did for the portfolio show was strong, but I wanted to play with it some more. As a video editor, I feel like this footage hasn’t been completely exhausted of possibilities. Here’s my progress at the end of day one of the project “Triangle Fever.” It’s a PSA parody of what to do when you have too many triangles on the brain and it’s affecting your design. I have an illustrator file of text of the outline above, ready for day 2 of the project when I put in the text and add a voiceover.

Update 6-24-13: I tried a voice over by using Text to Speech, free apps I found on the internet, but the downloads got garbled, so I didn’t use them and opted for musical soundtrack instead. I used AfterEffects to place the type and add some color. Thanks to Matt Nyce for giving me some leftovers from his music video he made. And a thank you to everyone on the promotional video team for making the original video. And thank you to Kthugha and their Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported song “the man said glitch.”


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