Hand-painted Words

chatoyant- like a cat’s eye
conflate- to blend together

This painting is now this painting.

dulcet- sweet, sugary
cynosure- a focal point of admiration

This painting is now this painting.

demure- shy and reserved

This painting is this painting.

2013-06-18 13.16.56
Demesne- dominion, territory

This painting is now this painting.

bungalow- a small, cozy cottage

This painting became this painting which became the one above. It’s amazing to have taken something I painted over five years ago and make it something new. Today I spent some time painting words. I have a list of beautiful words that I think the world could use in the form of paintings. I used older canvases with other stuff already on them and I think it adds to the richness of association, memory and language. Subtle themes in these pieces.

Bucolic- in a lovely rural setting

This place was inspired by Edmonds in this painting that is now this painting.

Assemblage- a gathering
Brood- to think alone


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