Haptic App Video Prep


Gesture Markup Language and Gesture Fonts | Gestureworks Core Gestures. A great place to get some free gesture icons.

Outline for Video:
1. Intro
a. Logo screen: Perceptics. The Future is designed.
2. State Problem
a. Personalizing Workspace to meet the challenge of context in the world of changing technology.
3. Related Technology
a. Leapfrog
b. Googleglass
c. Kinect
4. Required Technology
a. Introducing Perceptics Tech
b. Goggles
i. Camera
ii. Gesture detecting software
c. Bracelets
d. Envision interaction
5. Describe the downfalls of the competition
a. Limited vision and functionality with Google Glass
b. Limited portability with Kinect
6. Introduce the design of Haptic, A New Way to Draw
a. Principles behind Haptic
i. Describe ideal users
ii. accessibility
b. Features
i. Designed primarily to interface with an iPhone 4.
c. Interface
d. Versatility
7. Walkthrough
8. Business Strategy
a. Sponsorship from Art Supply Chains
b. Freemium—valuable features that are designed for power users
c. Sales in physical merchandise: different kinds of bracelets and goggles for the power users.
d. Increasing Market Place. Open Source some of the software. This will create new features and ways to engage with the product.
9. Marketing Strategy
a. Slow Launch
b. Initial Niche Market
c. Internet Video Campaign

After giving it some thought, I realized for pacing and for potential questions, the presentation should be PowerPoint and a video walkthrough.


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