Haptic: App Design (new target users)

Assignment: Make up an App, make 8-10 screens. Make a killer presentation and a landing page.

Phase 1 of App Design

1. structure information with user-centered considerations  *Research the competitors (Links)



Related Technology


NeoLucida – A Portable Camera Lucida for the 21st Century by Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin — Kickstarte

2. communicate style and function Branding (style Tile) Version 1

moodboard-haptic styletile-haptic

Users: audience, demographic. Who is this for? How should that influence the website?  Autistic children who have special needs to develop creative and communicative skills.

Wireframes and Screens to come.

Update 5-22-13: Wireframes!


Haptic, the App. (this is where my app’s landing page will live.)

Update 5-29-13– I messaged my instructor a link to this blog post and got this response on 5-24-13:

EF: So I’m impressed with your research and I can clearly see the potential for this particularly in the Autism market. In order to be successful next week you are going to need to simply your hardware/software combination and somehow demonstrate a Minimum Viable Product. SInce you cannot actually build it in our time frame, I suggest choosing between AfterEffects and Photoshop for mockups. You will need to put on your marketers hat and sell a difficult and abstract concept. Your branding feels very 90’s or retro sci fi; I would consider looking at the visual language of biotechnology for inspiration.
KC: Ok. Thanks. Lots of work to do…
EF:Do you have a way of saving work and perhaps recording the child’s progress as they use they app? Can it collect data and provide feedback?
KC: There’s a “parent” feature which records that stuff and saves it for review later… It hasn’t been expressed thoroughly in the research and execution.
EF:I think that is a good angle from both a marketing and UX perspective.
KC:I’ll consider that. Thank you.




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