Mountain Poem

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 9.10.36 AM

I had this urge to share my notebooks and journals with a new friend. It would have taken more than an evening to go through everything I wanted to share. I thought I would make a poem video so I could share things in small doses in a way I thought was meaningful. I’ve never done this and doing this, the process was new and I was working on a computer I was unfamiliar with in a lot of ways, so this is a rough draft of what I want to do. I tried to find an old poem about the similarities of spanish and french words, but I couldn’t. It annoyed me. I found this poem though. It’s from 2006 from a journal I named “Phoenix of Fidelity.” I was seventeen when I wrote it. It’s not my typical poem, but I like how simple it is. And it intrigued me when I read it. I’m interested in video like this. I’m interested in making video better than this. Something authentic and taking itself as seriously as it can. I wish I was better at editing sound.

Here’s the poem:

They are my mountains covered with velvet.
When I slide down them,
the world melts to syrup.
When I sit between their ridges,
the sky weeps soft tears.
When I reach up
to touch the falling rain,
I see you crying.
I see you laughing.
I see you smiling.
With me.


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