Haptiq: App Landing Page Design Phase 1

Assignment: Make up an App, make 8-10 screens. Make a killer presentation and a landing page.

Phase 1 of Web Design

1. structure information with user-centered considerations  *Research the competitors (Links)

Five Best Tablet Drawing Apps.
7 Free Drawing Apps for your Students and Kids ( iOS ) ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. 

2. communicate style and function Branding (style Tile) Version 1

moodboard-haptic styletile-haptic

3. understand mobile strategy and other media requirements I need 3 layouts– mobile, tablet (landscape), and desktop. I have Amazium – The responsive web framework..!. working for me. So, I’m good for the scope and time of this project. It meets the needs.

3 layouts responsive

4. Users: audience, demographic. Who is this for? How should that influence the website?  Users. Must do some more research.

5. Iteration 1: Sans branding (copied the structure of the copy– will edit– of Leaflet‘s simple and elegant landing page), placeholder images

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 11.01.20 AM

6. Iteration 2: Added the logo, some texture, rounded font

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 12.29.05 PM

Haptic, the App. (this is where my app’s landing page will live.



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