My Portfolio 2013: Web Design Phase 1

Assignment: Get a job

Phase 1 of Web Design

1. structure information with user-centered considerations (Site Map) *Research the competitors (Links) and content (html). I think the content/ captions will come in phases and iterations. I want to coordinate my print portfolio and web portfolio so they have similar copy.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 12.44.45 PM
Aaron Bloom | Graphic Designer.
magneticNorth – a digital design company, based in the UK.
Art director / Graphic designer – Janis Godins.

2. communicate style and function Branding (style Tile) Version 1



3.wire-framing explore more efficient layouts (Don’t forget Advertisements if necessary!)

4. understand mobile strategy and other media requirements I need 3 layouts– mobile, tablet (landscape), and desktop. Especially tablet, if I am to go into interviews with that kind of device (recommended).

3 layouts responsive

5. Users: audience, demographic. Who is this for? How should that influence the website?  Employers

6. Framework choice: I decided to go with Amazium – The responsive web framework..!.  I was planning to go with 1140 grid, a framework I have used for many projects, but I found this: 1140px CSS Grid Retired — Andy Taylor. and so I decided to branch out. I think it’s for the best. Amazium’s defaults are decently close to what I am going for anyways.

Katarina Countiss. (this is where my portfolio site will live)



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