Typesetting My Resume

katarina_countiss_resumeMy first go at typesetting my resume, this year. Every year it seems to improve in typography and qualifications (that’s a good sign!). But, it’s not perfect. I am going to sit with this for a while. Analyze why it’s not clicking for me. Maybe I thought it would be more impressive and when I look at it, I get a feeling of disappointment because I’m too ambitious for my current skill set. I wish I had something that made me truly stand out, like “Dolphin Trainer Extraordinaire” or “one of the last speakers of a dying language.”

Update 4-29-13:


I presented this to Tom today. He said that I shouldn’t rate myself. Let them figure out what my strengths and weaknesses are. Perhaps wishful thinking will be in my favor. I adjusted the type and tried out some alignments and now I have this.katarina_countiss_resume2I‘ll keep looking at it. I see new things to adjust every time.



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