Storyboarding the Portfolio Video

storyboardsI want to use my bedroom as a metaphor for my mind. I’ve decided my video featured prominently on my website should speak to my goals and my imagination. I’m going to use AfterEffects to create overlays of information on blank walls (like this video Sight on Vimeo on Vimeo). A lot of it will hinge on the voiceover where I will interview myself with the main question “What have the past two years been like?” I will answer candidly about my discovery and development of my own design style and ambitions that have laid dormant until now. I want to also express the feeling of design, when it’s all on you and there’s a fear present when you’re experimenting and you’re not sure if other people are going to “get” it. That’s where the camera is viewing the room at a sideways orientation and I intend on figuring out how to give the illusion that I am on a precipice, which is the edge of my bed like this image:

(attribution needed)
(attribution needed)



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