On the set: Portfolio Show Video

wlKZ-MZbAuohPdZVSha_DeSO_jSbnzSDOCQ62INtwdwYesterday, I was helping on set for our Portfolio Video. This is the video that will be intriguing industry-folk if our strategy pans out. We’ve organized ourselves into different committees working towards a themed Portfolio Show with its social media, branding and promotional material. I’m on the video-editing committee.

Here in this photo, I’m taking a photo with my phone of the kind of chains of photographs that can happen when you’re shooting a scene of a photographer photographing.

I was one of the designers on set. It was really fun. There was plenty of room for suggestions on set. I had some ideas for shots that were good and some that required a bit exploration and others… well we just didn’t bring a lazy susan! I had a great time. I was in charge double-checking the production shoot list, making sure we got all of the shots that we talked about at the video meeting. Everyone was very professional and kept good spirits during the six-hour long, three-location shoot. I’m excited to see the rough cuts next week!

I also think that the designers took it upon themselves to instagram, tweet and vine some of the fun moments on set. Find them with #unfoldscca!



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