Audacity and Teacher Interviews

Today, Emily Eagle, one of my classmates, gave a quick tutorial in the Audacity program. I have been going through and cutting up the audio from my interviews with my teachers to get a feel and some good soundbites to inspire the structure of the portfolio video. I want to express what they are saying about me into something concise and meaningful. Will I use the sound clips from the interviews? I am not sure. I think there are some interesting bits where I feel like they are saying with authority who and what I am aiming for with this video. The soundcloud bit above is reflective of my first run through two interviews that are about  twenty minutes each. I’m starting to organize parts I like into categories: teacher’s advice I just want to keep in a soundbite or video, nice things that they’ve said about me that I think are true and references to my blog. I want to find a way to highlight how useful and thoughtful blogging is and how I’ve been using this tool to improve myself as a graphic designer.


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  1. […] Week 2 (4-12): What I plan to do this week: Brainstorm Components, flush out timeline some more, and Polish concepts, proposal with moodboards for project. What I ended up doing: Emily’s tutorial of audacity was inspiring. I decided to stick in research phase for a while and go through the audio of the interviews I conducted regarding the product I am planning to advertise: myself! Audacity and Teacher Interviews | Katablog. […]

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