Brighton School: Wireframes

I wanted to improve the quality of my web design by implementing the strategies that work in other disciplines I feel more comfortable. I wanted to think of the web page like a poster or a logo where there was something integrated and fun. I started by making thumbnails. In the end, I was thinking about the client and how they would prefer something functional vs something that was unconventional. Users have come to expect certain things. I’m not sure if I’ll ever escape this box stuff that seems to be a necessary component of website design.wireframeswireframes2

wireframesmobileUpdate 4-10-12: The critique

I think your design will work great for a brochure.  I assume the the tiles on the homepage act as the navigation to the different informational sections of the site?
Here are some thoughts/notes:
i.  you may want to consider keeping the admissions/summer camp tiles the same size as academics and school life.  That way there isn’t image cropping happening when its shrunk down to mobile.   This could free up some real estate to expand the slideshow perhaps?
ii. when you move to PSD’s, think about interesting ways of hiding/showing the search bar.
iii.  I think its a great start! Everything is modular and works well folding down to mobile.  Looking forward to seeing more progress next week.”


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