Spring After Effects Project Directory

self directed project phase 1

This is the changing document to document what I am doing with my special project for Spring Quarter and what I think I am going to do. I won’t delete the timeline but rather reflect where I am veering and for what reasons.

Week 1 (4-5):
What I planned to do: Set-up Timeline Document. Think of ideas for special project and begin concepting and research.
What I ended up doing:  Spring After Effects Quarter Mission Statement

Week 2 (4-12):
What I plan to do this week: Brainstorm Components, flush out timeline some more, and Polish concepts, proposal with moodboards for project.
What I ended up doing: Emily’s tutorial of audacity was inspiring. I decided to stick in research phase for a while and go through the audio of the interviews I conducted regarding the product I am planning to advertise: myself! Audacity and Teacher Interviews | Katablog.

Week 3 (4-19):
What I plan to do this week: Finish Storyboards, get approval from teacher advisor, video prep and shoot footage.
What I ended up doing:  Link to Blog Post  I was sick this week and the location I want to video was being remodelled, so I’m gonna wait until that’s done in case I have to do some reshooting, it will look the same.

Week 4 (4-26):
What I plan to do this week: Edit footage
What I ended up doing:  Link to Blog Post  I’m officially a week behind. Here’s some storyboards. Storyboarding the Portfolio Video | Katablog.

Week 5 (5-3):
What I plan to do this week: make Ai file for after effects
What I ended up doing:  Footage for the Portfolio Video | Katablog. Here’s some footage for the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FJfAND9sUk&feature=youtu.be

Week 6 (5-10): Presentation Day?
What I plan to do this week: Rough Draft
What I ended up doing: Unfold Animation | Katablog. I’ve been involved with the animation team on the promotional video for the Portfolio Show. I’ve been learning a lot of skills and workflow that can be directly applied to my video.

Week 7 (5-17):
What I plan to do this week: Final Execution, you tube video, links, logo at the end of the video
What I ended up doing: I’m approximately three weeks behind on this. Here is the full audio that I will end up cutting down into 30 sec for the video.

ZOOM0006 by katcountiss on SoundCloud 

ZOOM0007 by katcountiss on SoundCloud 

ZOOM0005 by katcountiss on SoundCloud

Week 8 (5-24):
What I plan to do this week: make Ai file for after effects, Rough Draft for Moving Logo and credits.
What I ended up doing: Portfolio Animation | Katablog I’m still behind. I’ve been distracted/engaged in this Portfolio Animation. Very insightful for AfterEffects inner workings. I must sprint to the finish! This week I’ll be a little more focused, I hope.

Week 9 (5-31):
What I plan to do this week: Final video, Polish presentation for final presentation
What I ended up doing:  Portfolio Video Ad Production | Katablog. This is the rough draft. Final sprint!

Week 10 (6-7):
What I plan to do this week: Presentation
What I ended up doing: Link to Blog Post Final video



  1. […] This “Fight for Everyone” is the everything in my portfolio video. I want to create a scene where I am at my desk at home and I am using my drafting table and my hands to create all of my posters. 1) prepare files to animate posters. Different stages of poster. That’s proof of concept. I should start on that soon. My goal is to accomplish this and storyboards by mid-terms and then the final by finals. Review Spring After Effects Project Directory | Katablog. […]

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