Drawing blind contour, a place, a word

2013-03-26 15.01.10-2 2013-03-26 15.44.59 2013-03-26 15.55.56-2Today, in honor of the tuesday tradition of drawing club, in its absence during spring break, I’ve done some drawings. Warming up with a blind contour of my friend, Dan and then (using prompts from the 30-day challenge) I drew a place I want to be and my favorite word.

I like this drawing of a place I made up. I think it’s interesting and perhaps says something about me. There’s a velvet rope tying off the viewer from what seems to be a carpeted queue area leading into a dark chamber where there are people just standing around. On the next level, a marijuana den attached to a life-sized chess set (with a wonky sense of floor) following a second floor where there are movies projected and a drawing room and then a ladder to the roof, where people have wine and take a photos of the view. The architecture austere except for a flowerbox on one of the windows,


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