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Today, I presented the Relik Sculpture Magazine.

 During a flurry of edits, (though, it didn’t completely break the site and it’s wordpress access/assets…)  I will be one of those students who will be presenting an “offline product.” I would like to take the blame for this tragedy, as my designated designer and collaborator, Aaron Urshel, did an outstanding job and I’d like to commend him for his grace despite the fact that our website is an ex-website.
The Presentation
I spent too much time talking about the type and so I zipped through a bit of the shop feature as well as the conclusion. I should have made sure that 3 minutes was the upper-limit and not the lower-limit. And yes. I was the only student who presented an offline website. I am sure I was thoroughly ashamed. Next time, I will thoroughly back up the website as well as take other precautions such as not editing in the browser without a text file sitting somewhere untouched.
Here’s the outline of my presentation.
  1. Introduction—
    1. “Hello Investors”
    2. What the product is—“we’d like to talk to you about…”
  2. The website
    1. Style tile: geometric, cultural, modern, worship, museum
    2. The website “we’ve built a prototype that is currently offline due to technical difficulties.”
    3. Content of website—site map
    4. Home button at footer
  3. Business model—“incredible revenue and potential”
    1. Subscribe
    2. Social Medium
    3. Building an authority in the field
    4. More blog like innards

i.      two column

ii.     Focus on type—

  1. Mobile strategy is important
    1. User testing
    2. Stand-in buttons
    3. Device testing
    4. Mobile layout
  2. Shop—brand building
  3. Conclusion “With your support this is scalable to meet the wants of the current marketplace of sculpture industry.”
  4. Thankyou.

The Websites I liked

This presentation session of the second-years was really great. It was fun seeing all of their work, how the Gridly theme(Theme Station » Gridly – A Free Grid Portfolio WordPress Theme.) could take on so many different identities. I’d like to thank Krispijn for starting his presentation with a group stretch. Very thoughtful guy. I silently applauded everyone who introduced their site by saying “lifestyle blogazine.” It’s like you really know what you’re talking about. And I’d like to applaud “best in show” Randy and Kylee. Yeah, Randy, he wore a polka-dotted dress-shirt with matching bow-tie. And presented a lovely “dragazine.”


FACE | Dragazine. By Randy and Kylee. Elegant presentation. They emphasized how important social media is for sharing and promoting site content and also for advertisers. It was really like they were speaking to a group of investors. And ready to invest, I might ad. They gave excellent reasons for why this interpretation of the style of drag is relevant and why drag itself is becoming more relevant and mainstream.


Canvas » Cubeworks. By Brandy and David. This was a lovely website and deserved some lingering. I am an avid social sharer on the internet and it’s a delight to see this. It’s a sharing extravaganza. You can share the post or an image in the post. I was a little sad that I couldn’t pin the photograph. That’s a problem I’ve been having is that when I want to pin a specific photograph from a website where there is a ton, I have to flip through the thumbnails of all of them every time. I also really liked that in this art blog there’s a category called “WTF” for things indescribably unique.


Makeshift. By Seiji and Ted. I really liked this simply because of their pngs with their transparent backgrounds. It really made it obvious what to look at. I thought the grid background fit well with their concept.


Aux Magazine | Get plugged in. By Mutty and Daniel. I would go to this site truly. I think that it would get a lot of traction. People love new upcoming music artists. And I had to say something about how lovely this color scheme/logo is. I want to make stickers of this for real.


Hyrax | Natural Science with a Twist. By Hannah and Matthew. I loved this. They sold me by saying “Hip and Irreverent Science Articles.”


Your Chocolate My Peanut Butter. This is an amazingly lovely site. I really relate to it. I love drawings and short stories and peanut butter cups. The piechart/peanutbutter cup chart was truly adorable. I also have never seen a simple system like this as a warning of what you’re getting into before you click on an article. I really like that. There are times when I want to sit down with some fake chicken nuggets and tea and have a good thirty minutes in a beautiful story. But there are other times when I just want a… quickie.


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