Window Display for the MAC: Initial Sketches

macThe assignment: Window Display for the Mitchell Activity Center (the MAC)

» Charles H. Mitchell Activity Center » The Charles H. Mitchell Activity Center (MAC) provides an environment that offers diverse activities to the campus and the general community to promote healthy lifestyles, wellness and recreational programs.

Team: Michael and I
Due in 3 weeks

Today, Michael and I had our first design meeting. We had a meeting with the Mitchell Activity Center manager where we had a tour of the facility and spoke about the project’s parameters and expectations. We want to emphasize the facility’s offerings as well as improve public awareness of the fact that the gym membership is open to the community.

The aesthetic: We wanted to be inspired by the graphic and energy Swiss Ski Posters and tie it together with the sports/activities of the MAC. We drew out some thumbnails and general concept. After meeting together and trying to find a color palate we agreed on (just swatches) we found that we could not. So, we’re going to design first and separately, then consolidate the palette afterwards and integrate our designs. A limitation to keep things simple for when we come back together is to use only 5 colors and black and white. We’re going to start with the 13 windows that are lining Broadway avenue, then use those successful ideas to inform the main entrance’s windows.



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