The Portfolio Show Video Editing Committee

The Portfolio Show is June 12-13th at Seattle Central Creative Academy and I signed up for the Video Editing Committee. The Portfolio Show is like prom. We voted on a theme and us upperclassmen are working hard to make it the best Portfolio Show ever. There are plenty of committees to go around, social media, exhibition, identity, web… I am on the video editing committee because I thought it would be fun and interesting to work with other video loving people and try my skills with After Effects. We also have a steering committee which means that each committee has a leader that reports to/ takes part in a big overseer committee.

The video committee has had four meetings now. The first meeting we established that we wanted to do a long video and a bunch of short ones. The second meeting we had a brainstorm as to what the series would be like with no clear results, but it got us thinking. The third meeting we came up with a great concept (more like a hook, really) and the fourth meeting we invited the Video Shooting Committee to further elaborate.

Yeah, there’s a video shooting committee, which would lead me to think, What does that collaboration look like? How do we synchronize? We talked about our ideas, the photographers explaining their visuals for the head-shots and how we can tie that into the video series. We were at loss for the story at first, but through a series of spoken aloud thoughts, we put stuff on the board. I’ve never been in a committee before, but I don’t think I like it for ideation. With around thirteen people, the room felt crowded and I kept thinking to myself that in a lot of firms, there is just a copywriter and an Art Director sitting in a room for three hours.

Lately, I’ve been thinking how nervous I am about how things will turn out and then they turn out great. I’m a fairly pragmatic person. This nervousness merely indicates that I am doing something I’ve never done and I don’t know how it will turn out. I hope that our collaboration improves the ideas on the table instead of diluting it to please everybody, but so far it seems harmonious and we’re off to a great start.


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