Volunteer Park Wayfinding Presentation

(Insert Presentation Here– I am planning on putting the presentation here as a slideshare when/if I get the files from my team.)

Volunteer park signs.
Volunteer park sign structures based of the ratio of the doorway at the Seattle Asian Art Museum

Today, we had the presentations for our wayfinding projects. Joyce was really nervous, but Annie seemed really calm. I had never worked with these people before, but looking back on it, it was a really great experience. I was very fortunate to be on a team with a sense of style. This is the presentation that was shown to the class. It was designed by Joyce. She said that she has never designed a presentation before and I thought it was a great talent of hers that lay undiscovered until now. She also pitched most of the presentation which is amazing because she is known for often getting a little giggly, but she was charming and entertaining as well as informative about the park, our impressions of it and how to improve it.

Annie did the design for the wayfinding structures. She was very smart about its design but also the file (which I needed to implement the photoshop comp) was put together in a very easy and comprehensive way to implement it. All the signs were done in the same illustrator file and the wood texture under the text. Working on the photoshop comps were really fun. It’s nice to see an idea be a part of a photographic surrounding, a sketch come to life. After the presentation, there was a comment made saying how good the photoshop comps were, but I think it was the sequence of photos. The before and after photos make it seem rather surprising, as if it was a magic poof and the structure replaced the previous one, like 1-2-3-design. Photoshop magic.

I did the illustrator comp representing the three dimensions of the structure and its cement base. Thinking about it, I realized I should have designed for the presentation, better. We talked about how we developed a “system” for the structures. The one numbered “3” was the first one we talked about. We didn’t have a separate slide for talking about “4” so in the heat of the moment of presentation, it was a forgotten element. 4 is the plaque solution that would be used for titling features like memorial trees and lily ponds. The lesser attractions. In the future, I would have made a comprehensive image and then each version pulled out. Joyce had to go back to the other slide to talk about its dimensions that wasn’t apparent in the photoshop comp. A cube from the front looks like a rectangle and vice versa.

After the presentation as part of the critique, there was some issues with the map, how it could use a legend, note the directional orientation/potential inaccessibilty of some parts of the road indicated.

(Blogger’s note: I put “Wayfinding” in the category of User Experience. This is a unique assignment and I doubt I’ll get many wayfinding projects when I find a job in the industry.)

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