Nap Music Video: Second Draft

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 11.12.39 AM

I am so over this project. I love the video, but the process is brutal. I took most of Matt’s suggestions at our last meeting and put them into the video. Adding more footage was a pain. Editing footage, a b-reel, then talking it into black and white then putting it back into the .aep for the karaoke lettering wasn’t as easy as I thought. I didn’t label things as well as I thought. (See below) I thought it would be clear when I named something by version because then I would just go to the latest version, but what if the client wanted footage from an earlier version, which one… hmmm… And then the stuff that needed AfterEffects treatment says “need…” in the title, but then I would add it and so it would be a combination of things. It didn’t help that I put some files into a “misc” section of my drive. Ah, well. I will present this to Matt and get some more critiques.


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