CDK Phase 3: Figuring Out WordPress

mobile-view as of 2-7
mobile-view as of 2-7

Kitsap Collaborative | Supporting Families. <– Where I am currently at in developing this site for KCLP.

Looking back on my Phase 3 posts, they’ve never been all that positive. This is the interim where I am getting the idea of web design structurally, being able to handcode and use PSD assets, but the design is overall weak and typography isn’t figured out.

Today is the due date for this project and I think I could have spent more time with it. As Erik Fadiman says, “if you want to be a craftsman, hand-code it, but if you want to be smart use a theme –or code-snippets– that works for you.” I wanted to understand how to code in WordPress because I know how easy it is to change themes but I want to understand. The truth of it is simple. As much as 1140 benefitted from having so many divs (container, row, fourcol, etc.), wordpress benefits from class-itis. Each php element can be controlled with a class (just about).

I looked at one of Erik’s favorite wordpress blogs from one of my classmates, Ryan. Ryan uses easy to understand naming conventions, (ex. post-wrap, post-content, front-dateline) and lots of code comments where things begin and end. I’m going to go into the next project with a strong but neutral theme and good habits of naming things for what they are and not what random thing I want to type hoping I’ll remember the abbreviations.

Screen Shot of Ryan's code
Screen Shot of Ryan’s code

Aaron Maher | A blog with a temporary description.. (Ryan’s amazing blog. Check it out. As Fadiman says, “it has a distinct presence.”)


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