Cherry Poster

I’ve been assigned to design and execute a silkscreened (screenprinted, same thing) poster.


Portrait format (vertical) poster. Design submitted must be original artwork that is previously
unpublished. The design must consist entirely of your own work and must not include any
copyrighted material. Designs are not required to have text but may have text added to support
your idea/expression of idea.

COLORS: 2-3 spot colors.

Inspired by the Hello Poster ShowJill has assigned the theme of “box.” Here’s my interpretation of that theme. I thought at first about boxes, what they contain, anticipation, and then I thought about caja, and how it’s kind of like a cage. Then I thought about one of my favorite witticisms: I don’t have my cherry but I have the box it came in (or something to that effect, I couldn’t find the exact quote). It’s a play on words and symbols. Cherry being a symbol for virginity and box being a euphemism for vagina. The sentiment is that a woman’s value isn’t in her “virtue.”

box brainstorm

This is was I am submitting for critique this week.

Update 2-8-12 Critique and Edits:
After watching Jill demonstrate the Letterpress stuff, I’ve decided to go a Letterpress route instead. In a group, we looked over this design and said that the image of the cherry conflicts with the quote “I don’t have my cherry but I have the box it came in” that I want to include in the poster. Val had the idea of creating an debosse of a cherry silhouette to be placed inside the box which will only be noticeable under raking light. Jill said that putting the type in white and extending the pattern would integrate the type with the image.


Update 2-15-13:

This is what I am presenting for critique. (I’m simulating the deboss with the inner shadow/silhouette on the cherry in the box. It will be a press without ink.)


Update 2-19-13: The only thing I got from critique: hand-render the box to match the poster better. (The color is different. I picked a pantone color so it would properly separate in the pdf from which Ed — a cool guy, known as the program’s North Plaza guru (silkscreen-extraordinaire)– will make film from.)


Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 5.27.20 PM


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