Nap Video: Editing Footage

Screen Shot from Nap Footage
Screen Shot from Nap Footage

Today was the first day of editing the “Nap” Video. I finished shooting (or at least the planned shoots) yesterday evening and I spent most of the night imagining my warm feelings of friendship and camaraderie I shared with the shooting crew translated into a video. I went through a range of emotions as I began looking through the footage. I felt self-conscious and worried that I had more fun than anyone else because I felt like I was getting something done while they were my minions. I don’t think they felt that way, but it seems sometimes apparent on their faces, nervousness, a bit of wariness.

As I continued to watch the footage, I felt like so much of it seemed staged and without a story and lacked the charm I anticipated with my storyboards. Towards the end, I noticed some cute-ish coincidences. When I replayed the footage I distilled from my shooting, I felt a little lighter. There is something there. It spoke to me a little as I played all the clips fast together. There’s a story, I just have to put it together. Add some After Effects, create a look and feel.

It’s interesting trying to create this thing. I am actually getting a lot of help from my friends, acting, videography, some directions. There have been times when I should have been more assertive and said something before the opportunity to shoot it passed and there were times when I thought we got a shot, but the camera wasn’t recording and I didn’t double-check. I have a lot of work to do still.



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