Brighton Logo Stationery


My first iteration of the Brighton School Stationery suite.

Update 2-6-13: Critique and Edits

Tom “Frank-bombed” the class. Frank is this discerning older man from Alaska that has been around New York and the design scene in general and Tom invites him to critique to make us cry. I think it’s the opaqueness of Frank’s glasses’ clip-ons. Those orangey pink reflections hide a stare, or a pair of sleeping eyes… hard to tell sometimes. But, he really knows his stuff and isn’t afraid to tell you (multiple times, I might add) the phrase “I don’t know why you did this. This makes no sense.” That’s the part where I was like, “awww…” I thought I had done okay. He didn’t like the “rubber stamp” look of how I treated the red part and the logo was crowded by the other text through color and proximity.

Here’s my redesign. I like the orange and green. It’s like a sun coming up from a grassy lawn of letters.


(Earlier Post Relating to This Project)


One comment

  1. […] It’s always an adventure presenting, blood pumping, all eyes on you. I think there’s often a few points missed. I didn’t mention the stock of paper that I so lovingly picked out. And after hearing everyone else’s pitches, I think would also have wanted to say the words “audience” “meeting needs” and “cost-friendly.” I’m looking forward to future opportunities to really nail it. This is my first Brand Manual. It was a matter of finding a good one on the internet and copying its structure. I think a lot of things are learned like that nowadays. Creating this brand manual was an excellent opportunity to practice my InDesign workflow, creating paragraph styles and master pages to create a consistent look throughout the whole book. Always do the table of contents at the end. I kept adding things and changed the page number references a few times. I greatly enjoyed making photoshop comps of the branded merchandise and field trip uniforms. It always feels gratifying to see a logo I’ve created in a realistic setting. I haven’t considered my skills to have extended to identity until this quarter, but I am excited to get involved in identity projects in the future. (Earlier Post Relating to This Project) […]

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