Brighton Logo: Vector

brightonlogosbrighton2After translating my sketches into vector, I eliminated a few that I thought had some potential. After adding type, I think the top left one is slightly too slanted and bottom heavy. I’m not sure about the type exactly, but I think it’s a promising inquiry and after tomorrow’s critique, I’ll have a better sense of how type interacts with an abstract mark.

The logo I presented at critique
The logo I presented at critique

Update: 1-30-13

Critique: shorten up the word so its edges align with the mark’s edges. March type with the irregularities of the logo. Make “school” bolder, it’s just hanging out down there.

Edits: I adjusted some of the letter forms, note the “r” to match the roundness of the mark and I eliminated the step on the “g.” And put everything on one line and aligned the edges. And then to decide on color…

brighton logo

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