CDK Web Design Phase 2: Build and Critique

Assignment: site

I’m going to rebrand and restructure the information on this website: Kitsap Collaborative Law Professionals.

Current look
Current look

Phase 2 of Web Design

What I presented at critique today.
What I presented at critique today.
What I presented at critique today. (mobile version)
What I presented at critique today. (mobile version)

Kitsap Collaborative | Supporting Families.
Today’s critique: You have a lot of work to do. Adding people would make it credible. Needs a row div in that part.

How I got to this point: I have been discovering a lot about WordPress over the past week. As an option, Fadiman has encouraged using MAMP and has outlined a process to help gain control over the beast that is wordpress themes. I don’t have the right set-up to make that possible.

I decided to work off of Fadiman’s “coffee” theme which is based off of 1140 Fluid Starkers WordPress Theme | thedotmack which is based off of Elliot Jay Stocks’ Starkers WordPress Theme, and the1140 CSS Grid. There’s probably other places to get a set of css for typography, but I encountered Toast | A simple CSS framework in my last web project and I really liked the default type hierarchy (H1 is big H2 is smaller and so forth.) so I took some of that code.

I made and uploaded a simple K for a favicon. I hand-coded the nav and made CSS sprites as well as creating vector icons. I deleted all of the header code that called up some fancy php to do this simple thing that css does (in a very static way). My client wouldn’t be able to customize their navigation. Connecting the pictures to the code requires them to live somewhere on the internet rather than pointing to the images file and saying “here they are” I used the url that is given in the media ->uploads-> edit window in the dashboard of Wordpress.

In branding updates: I changed Kitsap Collaborative Law Professionals to KCLP, created a san serif logotype and abstract stylized mark of an open door and corresponding icons.

Next Tasks: Styling posts, figuring out which class controls what element in a theme by looking at other themes, finding clean and classy code to copy, paste then comment out. Adding structure to the site (everything is in the container, in the row) Finding good imagery to help emphasize the empathy of the group. Find good fonts.

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