Apex Poster and Postcard

Apex display type thumbnails
Apex display type thumbnails


Photo1Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 4.54.05 PM Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 4.53.52 PMPostcard3_Countiss Postcard3a_Countiss Poster3_Countiss

After some research, reviewing a detailed creative brief and logo guidelines, and a few visits to the Apparel Design Program’s workspace, I worked on this poster. I was inspired by the idea of what they wanted to convey “modern but touched by the hand.” I immediately thought of folded paper like I did for a poster last year in a tribute to Peter Behrens, a modernist architect. After doing some word association for brainstorming, I knew I wanted something organic yet structured, the word “layers” came up in different veins of thinking.

I was at the UW bookstore when this marbled paper struck me as the most beautiful thing and I wanted to use it for the poster. I folded it and scanned it in . For structure to organize the collage in Photoshop, I made a vector pattern that appears random but it’s constructed rotating a 2-d representation of a box, a technique I played with last year as a part of my adobe illustrator final.

I’ve been wanting to express the connection of folded paper to geodes for a while and I feel like this project gave me a great opportunity.


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