Guerilla Poster: CT-PAK Records

Poster Before Redesign
Poster Before Redesign

An assignment inspired by Guerrilla typography: idsgn (a design blog). This poster is a redesign from an existing poster that I found at a coffeeshop in the University District of Seattle. ([kat·pak].)

ct pak poster redesign music collage
ct pak poster redesign

I was inspired by Seymour Chwast who did a lot of drawings where he digitally colored them. I wanted to make a fun poster that echoed this idea of CT-PAK a group of artists redefining audio art.

Poster after realigning text.
Poster after realigning text. Yay dilatational grids!


  1. Hi,
    I’m writing a piece for a non-commercial music blog (called nogoddamndancing) on Children of Kids, the band that grew into CT PAK records. Do you mind if I use the image you took of the bulletin board above in my piece? Thanks! Tyler

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