CDK: Web Design Phase 1

Assignment: site

I’m going to rebrand and restructure the information on this website: Kitsap Collaborative Law Professionals.

Current look
Current look

Phase 1 of Web Design

1. structure information with user-centered considerations (Site Map) *Research the competitors (Links) and content (html)

cdk site map
cdk site map

Financial Advisor Training – The Legacy Companies.

Lawson Lundell: Business Law Firm | Western Canada.

SJ Berwin | The International Law Firm.

Axiom Law.

2. communicate style and function Branding


Update 1-10-13: After presenting to the class, the feedback was negative regarding the imagery and overall look I chose. I introduced it saying I wanted to bring back those cute pamphlets but I forgot how ridden they are with judgement and vestiges of a puritanical culture that would be scolding divorce, especially for women and the practical solution is to stick with mostly typography. The lovely Emily directed me to Matter where they use photography of people-less spaces, typography and color blocking to inform their audience.

Screengrab of
Screengrab of

Update 1-21-13: Here’s a new style tile to go with my new approach. (I’m still exploring typographic options.)


3.wire-framing explore more efficient layouts (Don’t forget Advertisements!)

wireframe cdk blog

4. understand mobile strategy and other media requirements Client wants 3 layouts– mobile, tablet (landscape), and desktop

3 layouts responsive



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