Logo Design Class (Pinteresting)

screenshot of Tom's Logo Pinterest Page
screenshot of a shared board, a Logo Pinterest Page

Logos With Meaning.

Today is the first day of the quarter and Tom is teaching Logo Design, Corporate Identity, and Pinterest. This is the first time that a class I’ve attended has used Pinterest for anything. Social media is starting to play a big role in education, classrooms using it to share relevant discoveries. Social media is especially important for designers. Tom said today ” You’re not geniuses  You are not reinventing graphic design…. you are doing a job for a client. You are not creating the rules.” Social media helps us keep in touch with what the masses are liking, getting used to, industry conventions that blossom and become the norm, the new rules, in what seems like overnight.

Pinterest is an interesting app. Its customizable folders, its public nature. Looking at the way someone names their files is like looking into their mind, seeing their organization, chaos, associations, interests. Pinterest is more like people looking into my living room and seeing my taxidermied dog and I am feeling embarrassed because I am thinking that they don’t understand why I like it. And it’s even weirder when a teacher rents out a part of your living room for homework. Here’s my new board dedicated: Logos and Inspiration for Logos. (I am to pin 5 logos a week, found in the wild– no repinning– with taxonomic descriptions and implications.) It’s making me want to have a professional Pinterest where I can sound informed and relevant all of the time instead of pinning Arrested Development references.

In class, we briefly discussed the genres of logos and often, they are combination marks, hybrids of the following categories: letterform, pictorial, emblem and abstract. Logos are often simplified (if you want to sound extra-in-the-know: say “reductive design”). Logos have a different opportunity than most creations: identity. These creations are meant to last as long as the business and all businesses (enterprises, institutions, whathaveyou) hope to last a very long time.  There’s a lot of pressure to communicate clearly and cleverly enough that the joke doesn’t fade with a couple of uses.


25 Sources For Logo Design Inspiration. (a collection of links of logo dumps– some aren’t very good and seem like weird submission schemes)

Chrome Web Store – Pinterest Keyboard Shortcut | Ctrl+Alt+P. (browser tool to pin easier and faster)

A Smile in the Mind: Beryl McAlhone: 9780714838120: Amazon.com: Books. (recommended by Tom Lenon)

2010 Winners | Brands of the World™ | Download vector logos and logotypes. (recommended by Tom Lenon)


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