Drawing a Goldberg Device

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Drawing by Rube Goldberg

Inspired by this image (as shared by Tom Lenon on Facebook), today’s drawing club meeting, after a warm up with a collaborative drawing exercise, was coming up with our own device. The device we came up with makes toast.

drawing Here’s the plan. First, you must insult a bald guy (not pictured) to the point where he’s so angry he pounds his fist against the table and knocks over the glass of water (A). The water proceeds to drip on the cat (B) and the cat, annoyed, leaves his place on the see saw and causes the 8-ball (C) to roll off the see saw triggering the boot to fall from its place tied to the wall (D) and hits the stick (E) which hits the mallet ball (F) which slides into upside-down toy-parachute (G) attached to the chain for the ceiling fan  (H) which turns on and knocks down the top few pieces of a stack of bread (I) and that slides down the fabric ramp into the toaster (J). Meanwhile, back to the 8-ball (C), it also triggers a series of dominoes (K) which taps a stick (L) which then taps the perched billiard ball (M) into a spiral slide, gaining momentum (and taking a while, going through all of those turns, then hitting the plastic lever on the toaster promptly after the toast falls in. With this kind of drawing, it took some thinking. Start with the task you want to complete and work backwards to come up with all of the elements. Roughly sketch it out then begin again with a clean sheet for the final result. In our experience, we ran out of space because we didn’t realize that the stack of toast would be so close to the ceiling to start with.


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