Project 3: Implementing the Design part 1

website screen grab as of 12-4-12
website screen grab as of 12-4-12

Project 3 is a team project, building a responsive portfolio website for a design firm. My primary role is the coder. Yesterday, I received the files for the logo and the photoshop comps for the website. I am working to match the photoshop comp as best I can. I believe in its design (most of it anyways) and I want to make it work. I haven’t seen a lot of websites like this and I am pleased in its uniqueness, perhaps at the cost of ease of code-abilty. So far it has been smooth other than my switching out the guts of toast’s grid system for 1140 grid’s column styles. (The difference is minimal  The css class rules read “onecol, one col last” now, instead of “grid-1, grid-2.”) I felt like I didn’t understand those. Perhaps it’s because I set up the framework 8 days ago and then didn’t really understand it and then after customizing the code a little, I might have lost what little guides that were put in there to help me understand it. Oh, well.

The website is a work in progress and seeing it on my laptop, the grey is very faint. I must bring that up with the designers.

So far, it’s 61 K. Projecting that it will be a about 150% more (adding more photographs and fonts), it’s the lightest website I’ve ever built.

Project 3 (A work in progress)

photoshop comps (there are two versions we considered before going forward.)

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