Drawing: when you don’t know what to draw

At today’s drawing club meeting (consisting of myself and Nino), we did a collaborative drawing exercise where you draw one figure and your drawing partner draws the other. The other exercise we did was drawing from doodle where the draftspeople draw one line at a time, taking turns trying to incorporate into a picture of something. Then one draftsperson fleshes out the drawing paying attention to line quality and shading bringing the doodle into focus.


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    I love drawing club! Wish more people would show up, but it’s a nice way to hang out with cool new people. It was just me and Kat this week, but it was still a lot o’ fun. Did some collaborative drawing. I think it’s lame how people seem pretty apathetic when it comes to knowing how to draw. It seems like everyone just wants to get by on minimalism and photography, but there’s a certain quality to good illustration that seems to get overlooked a lot in the design community. I’m nowhere near as good as I’d like to be, and hey, I’m not great overall anyways, but I’m trying, and practicing, and going to these drawing club meetings, and it helps. I wish more people would do the same, cause drawing is awesome. There, I said it.

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