Visualizing Dub Step: Samples


Sample 1-Skrillex talking bassline tutorial (Ni Massive)

Sample 2-UKF Dubstep Tutorial (Presented by Dubba Jonny)

Sample 3-LG – Synth Sounds (Official Video)

Today, I conducted a study. It was very loosely coordinated. I printed sheets of paper with rectangles and asked the students in my class to visualize the sounds. We are not motion graphic designers (just regular two-year program graphic designers). Their conventions for conveying motion are not trained (at least, not most of them). I told them to fill in the left box first to show the state of the beginning and the right box to show the state of the end. The middle box is used to help show the transition.  I played the samples and gave them time to complete each round. It was very successful. I collected 21 sets of 9 frames.

I’m intrigued by visual language. Some sets are unified by a motif (like a circle) and the same thing is warped depending on the sample.

I’m not sure how to share my data. A challenge I faced was naming conventions. Using names like a1-1.jpg (first author, number of sample, first unit) was successful. Here’s a version of Sample 1. Every three frames belong to one sequence to the sample imagined by one designer.



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