EPub Resource Material

as published by Jill Vartenegian on her class website.

“How to” export your file as an ePub

View these links:

Controlling Order of Content Export
Adding a navigational TOC to an eBook 
How to export your file to ePub 
New Export Options for ePub in InDesign CS5.5

For a more in-depth view of Indesign & ePubs:
Creating an eBook with InDesign (Part 1 & 2)
How to tag your styles for ePub

If you have a Lynda.com account you can view these links:
Anne-Marie Concepcion Indesign to ePub (site)

Chapter 3: Creating a navigation table of contents (TOC) with a TOC style
Using a TOC style in combination with and Indesign book
Chapter 4: Adding a custom TOC as the first page of the ePub file.
Chapter 5. Exporting from Indesign to ePub

”How to” make formatting edits to your code
Lynda.com: Anne-Marie Concepcion Indesign to ePub (site)
Review the following videos:
Chapter 8. Editing ePub files for formatting
(editing CSS, setting space, creating drop caps, side bars and pull quotes, text wrap)

Experimenting with typefaces in ePub
Embedding Fonts in ePub (site)

CSS Examples (site) 

ePub Zen Garden (site) 
System fonts available for the iPad, iPhone (site)

ePub communities, wikis, forums
ePub Secrets (site)

Pigs, Gourds, and Wikis (site)

Mobile Read Forums (site)

ePub, Indesign Secrets (site) 

Book: ePub 3 Best Practices (book)

Electric Book Works: The EBW Knowledge Base (site) (last updated 2011: This site has good information on the overview of the process, the order of ebook parts. The overview of production tips and Creating an ePub from Indesign are good BUT – be forewarned – the technical details within the overview are becoming a little dated because they are working in CS4. If you disregard the techical detatils and focus on the overall process, the information is still valid.

International Digital Publishing Forum (site)
ePub validator (site)


While we’re on exporting: Here’s a web version of my design of Jane Eyre (pdf not epub)  jane eyre booksample


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