Advertising Analysis: Kokanee

kokanee beer ad
kokanee beer ad

Advertising Analysis #4 Using Tom Lenon’s Advertising Concept Word List

Summary: (medium, typeface, etc.) Describe the thing.

Full page ad in the Stranger Alternative Weekly magazine, photographic approach, yeti holding beer bottle, slanted italic sanserif font cold palette color with a warm accent tertiary.

visual method:

colorful language
Type Plus Image

Analysis: What approaches? Audience? 

Audience: young people, alternative, students, 18-65. People with a sense of humour, Pacific NorthWesterners who love the Sasquatch myth, snowy weather, evergreens

What’s the emotional/social/personal appeal?
Warm & Fuzzy

What’s the cultural resonance?
Visual/ Verbal Cliche
Post Modernism
Subcultures (cultural self identifiers)


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