A Comp and Critique

I submitted this comp today for critique in Advertising Class. What is a comp? That was a question I was asking myself this week. It is something where you push it as far as you can go. It has to be proportional to your intended substrate (thing you are putting it on) and in this case, flush-mounted on foamcore– I’m sure each boss will have their own ideas of what a comp is when it comes to presentation, but something considered and fairly polished. Using your own amateur photography, or excellent photorealistic illustrative skills or as a last resort filching from the Google Images bin, which never turns out to be exactly what you want. A comp is not about submitting less than your intended vision.

Looking at just the copy, Tom Lenon said that I should say “Seattle Central” and not “education” lest the audience gets confused about the message. I don’t want them to persue just any education, but specifically my client’s establishment.

Tom Lenon said that “Helvetica” is on his list of “Never Use.” I realized and affirmed that I probably shouldn’t use the name “Steve Holt” (even though I know how much fun it is to see it and read it with that voice in your head saying it “STEVE HOLT!” like they do in my favorite television show, Arrested Development. Tom Lenon said that it needs to be more. This picture isn’t the picture of someone that would really buy into this “genie wish” stuff. What I need is a total doofus. I’ll work on making that visual so I can communicate better to my photographer that I am meeting on tuesday.

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