Today’s Quiz: Workflow in InDesign

indesign class halloween story
Shift+1 in Webdings gives you a scary spider!

Today’s quiz involved a Halloween Story. It reminds me of those days in Elementary School where when holidays came around suddenly the homework would take on those themes. Why couldn’t we have designed a Christmas card last year? Was it the lame-stream media’s influence on our liberal teachers?

Chris handed out this really great workflow instruction sheet. I would love it if all of my classes had one of these. A good workflow instruction sheet has the tasks that need to be done in order. I want to use it as my checklist for all my InDesign assignments in the future (and edit it when I find better tactics):

Instructions. A Simple Workflow (40 minutes) Part 1

Create New Doc (Letter)
Create Paragraph Styles

including Next Style
Create Character Styles
Create Nested Styles
Create Object Styles for:
Image Frame
Main Text Frame
(Include Paragraph Styles as part of Text Frame Anchored Objects)

Create Object Styles for Anchored
Objects (or after place and format): Incl. Drop Cap, NoTres Image Spider image and PullQuote
Create Text frame
Place Text ‘hallowtext’
Find/Change & edits for returns (etc.)
Apply Object Style for Main Text Frame
Add, Create or Insert Anchored Objects – Format

Type Folio Area and Apply Object Style
Instructions. A Simple Workflow (5 minutes) Part 2
Place Text file, ‘AddText’ before the paragraph that starts… “Tom- my slowed the car…” Test your anchored objects.
Instructions. A Simple Workflow (15 minutes) Part 3
Create new document
Load Paragraph, Character and Object styles
Create a new text frame
Place Sasquatch text and format using all of the items you have available from what you created earlier.
Save both files to my drop box
Below are images of dialog boxes with some suggestions for formatting. I’ll try to add more as I go.
screen grab indesign justification rules
screen grab indesign

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