Group Drawing

At the Drawing Club meeting this week, we started by drawing a still life of gourds. After getting warmed up, Jill showed up briefly and mentioned Exaggeration which led nicely into the talk that ensued about group drawing. There are many ways to collaborate, generate ideas and draw together. At the meeting, we did a few techniques. Telephone Pictionary is always popular. “Grocery Cart Driving Spiders” evolved into “Spiderman Rollercoaster!” We also did a couple of round table drawing sessions. It’s where each person contributes a line, any kind of line, straight, wavy, or curved until something starts to develop. I encouraged everyone to riff when they felt like it, giving details to the abstract until it started to form something that none of us would come up with separately. After a couple rounds, each person had to finish the drawing that they were handed, adding shading and more details to flesh out the drawing. This is a good improvisonational drawing exercise. I think it’s valuable to take what would have been a mistake or unintended line and incorporate it.


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