Ravenna Gardens: Website Design Polishing

Ravenna Gardens Desktop Mobile ScreenshotsKatsite Project 1  I am continuing to make deviations from my wireframes as I respond to critiques of this website. Above is the latest version. It is 192.0 K. I cut down the file size by using Google Fonts instead of the Adobe Edge Fonts which run their javascript that takes up over 100 K. I put the social media buttons in the “header” because I wanted them to be prominent. When I am looking to “follow” a website, I look for them in the top nav first.

Fadiman Critique
Fadiman’s Critique

Why does it look so different from last week? Well, I had one of those moments where I realized I wasn’t fully grasping the brand’s identity. The logo seemed separate from the page and the navigation seemed to be slapped on there. Firstly, I redesigned the logo. Then, I consolidated the nav, social media buttons and logo into the header. And slipped the contant info into a third column on the side. Pretty much the principle of “important info flows to the top.” I reevaluated the content and separated the second column into more meaningful chunks.

I decided that despite how much I like seeing slideshows functioning, that my site should be something comfortable and not flashy. Especially content-loaded websites, I think that with all of this text, a slideshow as big as I was proposing last week would be more distracting than helpful or ornamental.

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