Small Website Additions: Favicon and Error Page

favicon In Web Design class, I find that I feel a little better adding the features favicon and 404 page. They take less than fifteen minutes each for some nice touches to your website.

What is a favicon? It’s that little icon in the tabs in the browser. After Googling how to Favicon, I found this Favicon wordpress article that lead me to Faviconer. Next time, I am going to Google what I want plus the suffix “er” and see what comes up. I looked up other code for this, but ended up using what Favioner fed me and it worked right away.

What is a 404 page? It’s that page that comes up annoyingly when you find a broken link or type in an address kind of wrong. This one is an easy tutorial to follow. I recommend to follow best practices and make your error page funny but helpful. (Make sure your linking code is correct. Specifically: if you were me on the school’s servers.)



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