Features of InDesign

Screen Shot keep options

Keep Options. This blows my mind. What does it mean? Why is it here? It’s a way for your chapters or whatever to always start on the right page, or the left page, or what have you. What are some other features that you might have never bothered to look for and done everything one at a time? Loads. So much that I can’t even begin to blog about it. As a new rule, when you’re in InDesign and have some free time, just explore all the buttons. I think that because the software has to be so versatile, there’s a lot of features that can be creatively applied to achieve the task you want (like negative indentation). There are also a lot of features that can mess you up if you accidentally turn them on and forget about them (again, long list).

The baseline grid options use leading numbers! The baseline grid also overrides what leading in your paragraph styles you have going on.

  1. set up your baseline grids (Command B)
  2. optical kerning
  3. tell paragraph styles to adhere to baseline grid
  4. flow text
  5. apply body copy to everything
  6. then use Command F to find and apply styles

–I’ll add to this page as I go if I can. This InDesign is boggling my mind.–


no break character style
Good for keeping things together like URLS and proper names

Eyedropper: double click for style-grabbing fun

how to keep paragraphs together a bit
how to keep paragraphs together a bit
how to keep sectionheads together
how to keep sectionheads together
balance columns and align to baseline grid
gives InDesign permission to mess with your frame to balance columns.
content collector
content collector–it also imports container.

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